The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce has always played a significant role in the grooming of talented students that will help to shape the economy of our country. The world economy has geared towards globalisation at a tremendous speed.

Understandably, as we entered this era of dynamic development, we have to spearhead a restructuring programme that will elevate the university standard and be recognised as a leading university in business education in Asia.

Globalisation, along with communication technology, has brought the world closer than ever before. Motivated by forces of internationalisation, our trade, industries, businesses and management now require a labour force that is equipped with higher specialised skills. The diffusion of innovation in trade means that our students must understand more about foreign culture, customs, religion, languages and ideas so as to be ready for the real business world. It is therefore important that we foster an international environment within our university. UTCC is ready to welcome all of you with a promise of delivering an extraordianry experience and a touch of Thai hospitality.

Sincerely yours,

Jakarin Srimoon, Ph.D.