ABOUT THE COURSE                                                                                                     


The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce is unique through its link with the Thai Chamber of Commerce. This link ensures that the focus of the program is to offer managers knowledge that is not only up to date, but also relevant and useful for managers or business owners.
Established in 1989, the MBA in International Business (Global MBA) was the first program of its kind opened in Thailand to be conducted entirely in English. Quality is exceedingly important, and the program maintains small class sizes to allow for an interactive problem-based learning approach. Having both international students and instructors contribute to the diverse mix of nationalities and cultures represented in the classroom, leading to a truly international experience in learning. Additionally, exchange program with various world-class universities allow for visiting professors to share their experiences, and also for students to study abroad if they wish.


The world business environment is becoming increasingly competitive to the point that even a local business is finding itself facing foreign competition. World events and technology have brought unforeseen challenges and speed of change unprecedented in history. Product life cycles are shorter and competition is no longer bound by national borders due partly to e-commerce, enhanced communications, and modern distribution systems. Global managers must seek knowledge and learn how theories can be applied to help solve the unstructured problems faced each day.


The main objectives of the MBA Global Business is to provide professional training for business people to enable them to solve problems and make effective decisions across a broad range of business topics such as issues related to management, marketing, or finance. As such, it offers courses covering a wide range of topics with the overall goal being to expand and enhance the abilities and tools available for effective problem-solving and decision-making in business. The program is to produce competent personnel of qualified competence in global business management to serve the growing needs of the business sector, besides providing MBA graduates with ethical and moral conscience for enhanced social responsibility as well.


  • International Business Management  


Pre-study courses:

  • BA 501 Intensive English for Business
  • BA502 Quantitative Analysis
  • BA503 Financial Accounting for Managers
  • BA 504 Business and the Economics Environment
  • BA 505 Overview of Tourism (Only for specialization in Tourism Management )

Core courses: 7 subjects

  • BA 511 Marketing Management
  • BA 512 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • EC 591 Managerial Economics
  • BA 513 Operations Management for Competitive Advantage
  • BA 514 Financial Management
  • AC 591 Managerial Accounting
  • BA 515 Strategic Management

Specialization courses:

International Business Management

  • BA 521 Global Business Management
  • BA 522 International Trade and International Trade Law
  • BA 523 International Financial Management


Elective courses:

  • BA 571 Business Research
  • BA 572 Current Issues in Global Business
  • BA 573 Global Service Management
  • BA 574 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • BA 575 Corporate Financial Analysis
  • BA 576 Marketing Innovation and Differentiation
  • BA 577 Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies
  • BA 578 Electronic Marketing and Technology
  • BA 579 Entrepreneurship in Tourism
  • BA 580 Events Planning and Management
  • BA 581 e-Tourism and Innovation
  • MN 581 IT for Logistics
  • MN 582 Logistics System Analysis
  • MN 583 International Trade and Logistics


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