ABOUT THE COURSE                                                                                                                                           


To develop individuals with complimentary business management and legal skills, and English proficiency, Learners will be able to collaborate with foreign colleagues in multi-national firms. In addition, the graduates of this program should be able to conduct business by developing solutions for modern business challenges. The program is developed in accordance with Thailand's ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) policy i.e. to enhance the nation's degree of competency, to apply information technology, to conduct businesses ethically, and to analyze legal problems in order to expand business opportunities in competitive markets and to succeed in the globalization era.


To produce graduates who have the following characteristics, knowledge and skills:
  • Capable to cope with rapid changed in global business and commerce, law and culture.
  • Able to discover their skills and abilities in order to apply knowledge of the highest scholarly performance.
  • Have an open mind in foreign affairs as well as far as vision capable of legal knowledge necessary for business management.
  • Able to manage leadership in business, together with managerial skills necessary to make and implement decisions.


Course Offered:

  1. Business Law Course
  2. Entrepreneur Course

Course highlights:

  • Domestic and inter-state commerce law
  • Contract negotiating and drafting
  • Trade and investment in ASEAN countries
  • Marketing and customer focus
  • Law on Marketing Planning
  • Family business management
  • Creative and innovative business model development
  • Tax planning for business


 Total Credits                                                               38 credits

Curriculum Structure           
Plan A (Thesis)
Pre-study Courses                                                            noncredit
Core Courses                                                                  8 credits
Required Courses                                            12 credits
Elective Courses                                               6 credits
Thesis                                                                        12 credits
Total                                                                         38 credits
Plan B (Non-Thesis)

Pre-study Courses                                               noncredit
Core Courses                                                                       8 credits
Required Courses                                              12 credits
Elective Courses                                                12 credits
Independent Study                                              6 credits
Total                                                                               38 credits

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