Franco Alaniz, 4 year student

Hello, UTCC global community and welcome all the first year students. I'm Franco Alaniz an IBM senior student. 
I’m representing our university as an exchange student in the Netherlands, I’m doing my last semester and I recommend you so far that if you have the chance to study abroad just DO IT, even you are not sure if is worthy or not but believe me IT IS!

You will never know if you don’t try right? It could be hard at the beginning like being homesick or independent but when you realize that you are doing this for a reason that may involve for your future plans and you know that someday you will be back home, you will join every single day same as me, I been 1 month already and it looks like I just arrived few days ago so if you are the one who want to experience something new and of course travel just study abroad :)

I’m actually half Chilean half Argentinian so if you guys are thinking to study in South America or even here in the Netherlands feel free to contact me!