What are the qualifications?
  1. Obtain an undergraduate degree or equivalent.
  2. Good personality and good health: no serious illness which may obstruct their studies.
  3. Obtain a G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher in undergraduate degree and/ or have at least one year working experience preferably related to the field of business. 
What are the admission criteria?
Entry requirements for applicants interested in the program in Myanmar.
  1. Applicants must submit an application form and required documents.
  2. Applicants must pass written and interview in accordance with the regulations of University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Applicants must take pre-study courses according to the interview committees’ recommendation.
In case an applicant’s academic qualifications do not meet the above requirements, the application may be reviewed and approved by the Committee of the School of Business. The committee will take into consideration the university’s academic standard prior to the acceptance of applicants.  

Documents for submission
1.An application form    
2.A copy of Bachelor degree certificate     2 copies
3.A copy of transcript     2 copies
4.A copy of ID card OR passport    2 copies
5.Letter of recommendation   3 letters
6.Current Verification of employment     1 letter
7.Photograph 2 inches     3 photos 
  • Suit and tie with dark blue, dark grey or polite color
  • Collar shirt (plain and light color)
  • Blue background ONLY
  • Suit and collar shirt (plain & light shirt) with blue background ONLY
  • No any accessories (no big and fancy earing and hair, sun glasses)
  • Long hair: pony tail or leave them to the backside

Copied documents need to be signed the name and write "verify true copy".
All Myanmar documents need to be translated in ENGLISH version with original notary and seal from the trustworthy department.

TO APPLY [Mandalay]
4th floor Yatanapon Super Center, corner of 78 & 34 street.
Telephone: 02-69326, 02-69311

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