The Summer Course 2017: "Leadership Course" Organized by UTCC International

UTCC International organized the Summer Course: "Leadership Course" from 4 – 17 June 2017. The course got attracted 35 participants from many countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, China and Thailand.  In the course participants had discovered a new and powerful model of integrity and the difference between management and leadership. The course is designed to open up and leave participants with an expanded personal opportunity - ways of being, thinking, planning, and action that leave them being a leader and exercising leadership effectively.

This new model of leadership and its practice is applicable for all domains of leadership, including personal leadership (being the leader of yourself and your own life) and team and organizational leadership in school, business, and any other area in which one would like to make a difference (e.g. family, community, and politics).

Moreover, the course has provided participants with an overview of Thai culture, field trips to help them understand more about Thailand.


“After completing the course I have found my authenticity and courage for continuing my life again. Right now every day when I walk, I can feel the confidence on my feett and my perspective upon the relationships, works, studies, society and lifestyle. That's all because of leadership class and this class made me feel like I watched the movie episodes of my life from others' sharing and that made a huge transformation into a powerful human being.”
Mya Thet Chel, Myanmar
“I found this course very useful and beneficial for me. This was a very eye opening program. It helped me to better understand myself as a person and as a leader. It gave me a unique insight into how other people perceive my actions. The program gave me tools to succeed as a good leader.”
Sorisun Chan, Cambodia

It was a very engaging and interactive leadership course. It was an intensive 2 weeks filled with essential information to improve leadership ways of being. It also gave me the tools to self-evaluate and explore myself.”
Do Ngoc Mai, Vietnam

After 6 days in Leadership Course I think I got a lot from the course such as I can see myself clearer. I understand my mom better. I know how to deal with life and problems. Moreover, I feel extremely great about myself even my past. I can accept my awful part and because of that I now discover a "context" for my life. That is I can do whatever I want whatever I want to be I can be and every paths are possible for me. There is nothing that I cannot do now. Furthermore I want to invite you guys to join this course. It’s really give you strength and powerful. But even I’ve passed this course still I want to join this course again soon.
Vannisa Souliya, Laos